Small Story

Intensive agriculture is damaging the atmosphere, soil fertility & biodiversity. The food industry accounts for large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions that is slowly heating the planet. From this, Australian’s alone throw out more then 8 billion dollars in food every year.

The name Small Print comes from the term small eco-footprint.

By making smart choices and thinking holistically about every aspect of food production, we’ve found it’s easy to make some damn tasty food without making a huge impact. We want to see change. As a small business we realise we’re only a drop in the ocean, but every effort towards being more sustainable and compassionate counts.


Our menu is vegetarian and vegan friendly

Using grass fed, free range meat where possible to reduce our impact.

Local and organic where possible

Back to the basics – Chemical free, low mileage food that is rich in flavour and full of the good stuff.

Like minded partners

Everything we can’t make ourselves comes from companies who share the same passion for sustainability as we do. Our pizzas boxes are made from recycled materials and a portion of the profits go to St Vincent De Paul.

Closed loop

We separate our soft plastics, food waste, recyclables and general waste and use third parties to repurpose these articles that would otherwise end up in landfill. The food waste in particular gets turned into nutrient rich compost, used to naturally fertilise gardens.